Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My heart and my soul..... my two little angels.
Joshus's first birthday cake.... I planned on baking a winnie the pooh cake at first, but then decided on mikey mouse..... The kids were thrilled!
My family.... My hubby Savio, baby girl Adriana, and little boy Joshua
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Family fun

We had the whole family over this evening... it was nice1 a full house, and lots of ice cream and brownies... and my diet went right out the window. Its been quite hard to shed all the baby weight... specially after baby #2. That's my resolution before I turn 30 this November... get back to pre pregnancy weight.... and the count down begins.
Its hard for me to stick to a healthy diet, I am such a complete foodie! So i think its just exercise for me ... I'm going to start with some pilates. I head they do your body a lot of good. So does yoga.. but get me some home DVDs .

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My first bridal piece.... I hope to make many many more in the future!

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Hi everyone... its been a while since i have blogged, so I thought I would today. The last couple of weeks have been busy, my in laws are in town, and with everything going on at home, etsy, jewelry creation, and blogging have receeded into the back ground. we did however go to Atlantis on the Palm Jumeirah, and went to see the aquarium... it was really beautiful! will post some pics up here as soon as I have them downloaded. I'm actually curious to see how they turned out, with the dim lighting in the aquarium. I really have to learn the ins and outs of my camera! :o) ... I knew i should have gone with a basic point and shoot!
Anyway will write in again soon, till then cheerio!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

This piece went up on etsy this evening.... have a couple more to list tonight...
The whole process of listing an item seems to be soooooo lengthy! ... complete the piece.... photograph it... edit the pics, upload them, describe the item..... phew! lol!!

On another note.. summer seems to be hitting Dubai already.... gosh i don't even wanna guess how hot its going to be come June-July! the desert life!!

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Friday, 20 February 2009

The Serena earrings... this piece went up on etsy this evening... i wanted to make something simple.... easy to wear.... elegant.... that you could match with just about anything....
On another note... my little three year old came up to me today telling me she wanted an
iphone (my husband n i both have them) .... cause she needed to call all her friends in India and Canada!!!! my gosh you will not believe just how advanced that generation is going to be! she is already so computer savvy... knows how to log on, connect to her favourite sites (through the favourites) and navigate from one site to another!!! kids these days!

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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Its finally ready! This one's called 'Ambrosia'
When i first saw this stone... i instantly fell in love with it,
and planned a very simple design to showcase its beauty... but when i actually held it in my hand
I started fantisising about a design with a lot of gemstones, to compliment, and contrast this
gorgeous golden rutilated quartz......

And this was the result!!

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Photography has always been a passion of mine... .. and I've always been clicking away at anything
I ever found interesting... So a couple of years ago, my husband presented me with a gorgeous sony Alpha
series... and I was on my way....

I've been looking ever since to better my photography skills... constantly surfing the web for techniques
and ways to take better photographs... This sunset photograph was taken in Fujeirah... it was truly magical!

I think the subject of your photography is equally important....... something so simple as a flower....

My husband and kids often become the subject of my photographs..... a little too often (if you ask them!)
but kids grow so quickly... i feel the need to capture moments that are precious... that they may be treasured

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

True to its name these earrings sparkle with sunshine...Gorgeous 22k Gold Vermeil hoop chandeliers with fabulous AAA quality faceted rondelles of AAA OREGON SUNSTONE and AAA CITRINE beautifully wrapped in 14k gold filled wire .Classic and shiny.. these pretty earrings are enough to add sunshine to even the rainiest of days! ;o)

I created this pair because i wanted a bright and sunny accessory that i could use with almost anything i wore.... I think the yellow and brown combination is ageold.. and for good reason too! ;o)

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The heat is on!

Its getting warmer by the day in the UAE! ... the best time of the year is the few short months of winter when we actually have to take with us a light sweater when we venture out in the evenings! Summer in Dubai is HOT to say the least... and it reaches its peak sometime in May-June.
My little girl Adriana just started school a few days ago... which gives me so much more time to create jewelry... she hates it though.. cries every time we drop her off... but is five about five minutes later! go figure! Anyway , with my one year old son in India at the moment, it gives me more time to myself!
I'm working on this piece of jewelry ... its a necklace with a gorgeous piece of rutilated quartz.. I can't wait to list it on etsy. will post a picture here too when its done!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My first time blogging!

This is my first blog ever... and I'm really excited to enter stuff about myself... my day... or just have a place to talk about whats on my mind! I hope i can make this a daily ritual... ;o)