Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The heat is on!

Its getting warmer by the day in the UAE! ... the best time of the year is the few short months of winter when we actually have to take with us a light sweater when we venture out in the evenings! Summer in Dubai is HOT to say the least... and it reaches its peak sometime in May-June.
My little girl Adriana just started school a few days ago... which gives me so much more time to create jewelry... she hates it though.. cries every time we drop her off... but is five about five minutes later! go figure! Anyway , with my one year old son in India at the moment, it gives me more time to myself!
I'm working on this piece of jewelry ... its a necklace with a gorgeous piece of rutilated quartz.. I can't wait to list it on etsy. will post a picture here too when its done!

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